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Smoking the Cigar

Hold the cigar up to your mouth and draw in the smoke. Hold it in your mouth for a few seconds to taste it, and then let it go. Do not inhale the cigar smoke. Remember that a good cigar can last 2 to 3 hours. Remove the band after twelve puffs or so.

Though this is not a requirement, an alcoholic beverage can enhance the smoking experience and can bring out the flavors of the cigar.

Extinguish the cigar when you're done smoking.

Choose the right lighter.

Long wood matches or a butane lighter are preferable, as they won't alter the flavor of the cigar. Warm the tobacco in the foot (the end you smoke) of the cigar. Hold the flame in front of the cigar without touching it.

To check if the cigar is fully lit, turn the lit end towards your mouth and gently blow on it; the lit portions will light up orange.

Place the blade down on the cigar.

Place the blade down on the cigar.

 Ideally, you'll be using a guillotine (a single-bladed cutter), but you can also use a really sharp knife or blade. Don't use dull scissors, your teeth, or a butter knife unless you want to tear the cigar. Just tap the head (or the cap) of the cigar with the blade to put it in position. Slice off the cap (or head) in one quick chop.

Familiarize yourself with the varieties of cigars. 

Instead of choosing the first cigar, you see, you should know how to recognize each different type of cigar. Ask a salesman for help when you're deciding on a type of cigar.

The longer and wider a cigar is, the more intense it will be. If you're a beginner, you should start with a longer and thinner cigar, which is less likely to make you cough.

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