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Our Story
from founder and owner Wendell Holmes

1868 Smoke started out as a private Facebook group

for cigar smoking enthusiasts to discuss and share
a common interest in the culture and lifestyle

surrounding fine cigars, liquor, lounges, and social
events around the county. Soon after the Facebook group

was launched we had grown to over 150
active members engaging in topics and activities

about cigar brands, bourbon & cognacs, social events,
cigar lounges, etc. 1868 Smoke was launched

in November 2021 and the inaugural product is a private
label, mild to medium torpedo-style cigar.

The year 1868 pays homage to the year

Hampton Institute(University) was founded.

What makes this cigar unique is that it is

100% organic, pesticide-free, Dominican blended tobacco

with USA-made wrapper and label.

I hope to somehow merge my company
with my passion for community service

and giving back. . Thank you to
everyone for your support.

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